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All about Mama Ana’s Sagon

Recently, Mama Ana produces  more varieties of Sagon from the kitchen. We now sell 3 different varieties of Sagon, ready to be delivered to Sagon lovers all around Indonesia. Check out our Sago range: Sago Putih made from high qulity white rice flour (tempung beras putih) Sago Merah made from high qulity brown rice flour (tepung beras merah) Sago Hitam made from high qulity special Indo...
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Mama Ana specialises in producing delicious snack  and we are proud to offer our customers some amazing spicy roasted peanuts, freshly roasted in our kitchen with the best local ingredients and spices, free of preservatives. Currently we have 2 varieties of spicy roast peanuts: Kacang panggang Manis pedas (spicy sweet and hot roasted peanuts) Kacang panggang kayu manis (cinnamon flavour roas...
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Sagon is one of Indonesia's traditional snacks that was extremely popular in the past, but sadly being pushed aside by modern, adopted new and often unhealthy snacks in the market today.  Mama Ana’s sagon is made from toasted homemade rice flour prepared in our kitchen, combined with  toasted freshly grated coconut and sweetened with cane sugar & palm sugar combined. As part of our campaign...
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Our roasted peanuts are made from high quality local ingredients.  Mama Ana offers 2 different flavours (cinnamon & kaffir lime leaves) and 3 different size of packaging varieties of weights, varies from 200 gr - 500 gr. We are always open to suggestion, so if you like different flavours, please let us know, we are more than happy to try out any new flavours.    
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Our Timorese cream & egg tarts, made from fresh and local ingredients and freshly baked in Mama Ana's oven before being delivered to our clients.  We made tarts with varieties of toppings and flavour. Our tarts are available in many different toppings available such as raisins, grated coconut & cheese or you can have them made with combined toppings or your choice.  We can bake them wit...
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